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1 Kids- and Babyshop.

You can buy a beautiful gift to your baby, and remember at the same time, that the best you can give is your time and your happiness.

Baby Pram Plates
The original Swedish Plate; Baby stroller plates of the highest quality with your own flag.
SMALL License Plate in Color.
Suits e.g. prams, strollers, puschcairs, bicycles, motorbikes and for indoor usage.
LARGE Personal License Plate.
Suits e.g. cars, trucks, tractors, garages, car exhibition halls, shops and buildings.
SYMMETRICAL Personalized pacifiers with Name.
SYMMETRICAL pacifiers have the nipple designed symmetrically and can be used with either side up,...
ORTHODONTIC Pacifiers with Name.
Buy a soother holder with the baby's name, at the same time!
Round Pacifiers with Name.
ROUND pacifiers have the nipple designed as a ball, see the small picture on the right side. If...
1 Swedish Plate Babyshop.
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