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Baby Plates - Try a New and Exciting Baby Plate!

Baby Pram Plates
The original Swedish Plate; Baby stroller plates of the highest quality with your own flag.
SMALL License Plate in Color.
Suits e.g. prams, strollers, puschcairs, bicycles, motorbikes and for indoor usage.
LARGE Personal License Plate.
Suits e.g. cars, trucks, tractors, garages, car exhibition halls, shops and buildings.

Design Your Stroller Baby Plates Here and See the Result at Once!

Looking for traditional baby plates? Why not try something new instead? Surprise the baby and its parents with an original Swedish Stroller Baby Plate - the newest gift for the trendiest of tots! Be the first in your circle to get the exclusive Stroller Plate -- complete with your child's name, birth date and flag on it! This is an excellent gift that shows that you really have put some effort in the search of the perfect gift -- hang the plate on the baby stroller and enjoy the walk!

Design Your Own Plate

In this web shop you can design your plate following your own wishes, with name, date, flags and colours - directly on your computer and see how the plate appears - before you place the order. Apart from the normal letters, you can use letters with accents or special characters, such as & @ Ñ Ò Ó Ø Ú Ü Ć Č Đ Š Ž Æ Å Ä Ö Я. If you want to use even other letters on your plate, there is no problem with mailing them to us in a Word document. In principle, we can print all the character and letter combinations you want. You can even choose an extra flag and have TWO FLAGS on the plate - this is very popular with mixed nationality families or families that frequently live abroad. You can find more information about your Baby Plates flag on Wikipedia.

Original Swedish Name Plates for Prams

The Original Swedish Pram Plate is a 100% non-corrosive plate, manufactured from quality aluminium. The most common size is 10’’ x  3’’ US inches (25 x 7.5 cm) but there are other options as well. The plate has rounded corners and holes for hanging; this makes it very easy to hang on the pram using the accompanying striped lines or chains (depending on the plate model). The pram plate also fulfils a very important safety function, owing to the genuine 3M Scotchlite reflex foil used on its front. It is the best reflective material for a plate and, if you want to be clearly visible in the dark, you should not accept any other reflective material.

Quality Products from Swedish Plate

Naturally, pram plates are available to different standards, with the cheaper versions in plastic while the more expensive are made from aluminium. The advantage with a plastic or acrylic plate is that it is somewhat lighter, but on the other hand, the reflective capacity is next to non-existent. A cheap plate can also be made from thin plate, which is easily bent in use - this also lacks reflective capacity. Therefore, we recommend everyone to buy a quality plate, irrespective of whether you buy it for yourself or to give to someone else as a present. A pram plate from Swedish Plate can cost, a couple of dollars more than other plates - therefore, we can manufacture them from the best materials. Swedish Plate – Made in Sweden.

What is the Plate Called?

Many people contact us and wonder what the plate is really called… is it a pram plate, a nameplate for a pram, number plate for a pram, name plate for a child, nameplate for a baby, name sign for a pram, sign for a pram, number sign for a pram, registration plate to a pram, child plates? We have many names for the things we love… have you any suggestions?
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