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This is how you simply create your own pram plates:

1. Write the name in the little box below
2. Write the date (you can use numbers as well as text).
3. Choose a flag
4. Click on Order…

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The original Swedish Plate; Baby stroller plates of the highest quality with your own flag.

Made in Sweden. Totally non-corrosive pram plates in aluminium and genuine 3M Scotchlite reflex (the only one the really reflects well and ensures that you are more visible in the dark)!

Do you have friends or relations abroad? Surprise them with a fancy pushchair plate - we deliver it directly to the party child, anywhere in the world!

Pram plates product information:

- High quality.
- Totally non-corrosive.
- Manufactured by quality aluminium.
- Genuine 3M Scotchlite reflex on the front side.
- Black text on white background.
- Max. 20 characters.
- Size 10’’ x 3’’ US inches (25 x 7.5 cm).
- Rounded corners.
- Prepared holes for hanging.
- Chains for hanging included.
- Manufacturing time approx. 5 labor days.


Kids name plates - swedish plates - baby name plates - kids number plates - stroller plates.

Kids name plates - swedish plates - baby name plates - kids number plates - pram plates.

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