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Personalized pacifiers - baby pacifiers, baby soothers, and baby dummies with name.

ROUND pacifiers have the nipple designed as a ball, see the small picture on the right side. If...
SYMMETRICAL pacifiers have the nipple designed symmetrically and can be used with either side up,...
Buy a soother holder with the baby's name, at the same time!

Don't touch my pacifier!

With personalized soothers you can make sure no one borrows them!

They help kindergarten nanny to give the right soother to the right child!

...and at the same time your child gets a fresh pacifier with its own name on it.

Personalized pacifiers - hygienic as well as cool!

Baby dummies with the baby's name are available in three different models; orthodontic, round and symmetrical (flat). The personalized dummies are available in different colors. The shield of the soother is large to prevent choking and it is also vented to protect the skin around the mouth. There are soothers in different sizes so they can fit children from 0 to 36 months.

What do the pediatric experts say about personalized pacifiers?
Read what Doctor Greene says about baby soothers and dummies.

Pacifier baby.

Baby pacifiers - baby soothers - baby dummies - pacifier baby.

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